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The ice in my cooler melted in less than one day. Why?


There are many factors that contribute to how long your cooler holds ice, and we have some tips for maximizing results. We recommend giving it another try following the tips below. But keep in mind, ice retention is going to be different on a scorching & humid 100°F day versus a mild 70°F day.

For Best Results:

  • ALWAYS pre-ice your cooler. Overnight if possible. 

You want to start with a cooler that has been chilled all the way through. Otherwise, the ice is working overtime to chill down a hot cooler, and the ice will melt faster. So leave your cooler in a temperature-controlled environment and fill it with ice overnight. The next day, drain the ice melt and add your drinks or food before topping off with more ice. Don’t forget, at least some ice is going to melt until your cooler reaches 32°F or colder inside! 

  • Use the plastic drain plug (instead of the aluminum plug) that came with your cooler.
  • Fill the cooler all the way FULL with ice.

The ice will work to cool down any air space, and if there’s a lot of it, you’re trapping more warm air inside each time you open the lid, so fill it up with ice! The less air space, the better the ice retention.

  • Keep the lid latched closed when possible.
  • Store the cooler in a shaded or cool environment when possible.
  • Add more ice!

Not so fast — you don’t necessarily want to drain your ice melt. That water is really cold and will help to further insulate the cooler. Top the cooler off with more ice– you may even get better results at this point.

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